We pay attention to all the details

A key ingredient for business success is attention to details. In the food service industry, it begins by selecting the kitchen layout and equipment that will provide the most efficiency and productivity. Russell Food Equipment’s experienced design team can help you maximize return on your investment with an assessment of your available space and initial concepts. Equipment legends, utility layouts and elevations can then be created to illustrate functionality and provide local building authorities with all the necessary documentation for approvals.

At RUSSELL we know food service and design. Let us help you turn your unique vision into a successful reality. Start right… see RUSSELL first.


Step 1 – The Dream

Every successful food service operation starts out as an idea and your first step begins with your nearest Russell Contract Designer.  Designing successful businesses is what we do and we can steer you in the right direction for selecting a site, setting a rough budget and validating the potential of your concept.  Preparing a successful business plan is in the details and we can help you fill in the blanks.


Step 2 – Where to Start

Location, location, location.  Success begins with your food service business being in the right spot and we can help you assess various locations for your new venture.  Many factors including size, local building, fire and health codes, along with electrical, mechanical and ventilation requirements all play an important role in determining if a space if right for you and your budget.  We can prepare a rough block space layout to provide a further sense of confidence that your location is the right one.  Armed with this information you are now ready to consult with a contractor, finalize your business plan and establish your financing before the next step – negotiation your lease.


Step 3 – Planning

With your lease confirmed, we can begin the process of a more detailed space layout, preparation of your project budget and further fine tune your business plan.  At this point your Russell Designer will request a modest planning and design deposit.  We will now begin the many hours required to implement your ideas, work with your architecture, interior design and construction teams and bring your dream to reality.  We take full responsibility for our work, represent your best interests and ensure we fully meet your requirements by choosing the correct equipment that fits your budget.

Equip selection

Step 4 – Equipment Selection

Each piece of equipment chosen must be made with purpose, taking into consideration functionality, efficiency and your overall budget.  Working with your Chef, it is important to discuss your menu concept so we can ensure the correct storage, preparation and cooking equipment is chosen for your operation.  Adding or changing equipment later is often costly and can be avoided with proper initial planning.  This is a good time to consider your future plans and equipment requirements.  We advocate designing for your future needs, but only supply the equipment needed to meet your immediate menu needs and within your present budget.  This provides the ability to grow and easily expand in the future with a logical design already mapped out.


Step 5 – Manufacturing

Once your equipment selection is confirmed with a financial commitment (which includes your initial planning deposit so this means our entire planning and design service is provided free of charge) we begin scheduling the factory deliveries to coincide with your opening date.  Your kitchen project is now in good hands because at Russell, we are trained to look after the details and we have a reputation for completing our projects on time and on budget.  You can devote your attention to the many other details of your project such as décor, staffing, training, etc.



Step 6 – Smallwares

Often overlooked until the last minute, now is the time to consider your opening small wares package which consists of all your kitchen wares, china, cutlery, and glass service items.  The ambiance of your dining room begins at the table top and it is important to make the right choice early.  We can also assist with your furniture selection to match your decor package to complete the ultimate look and functionality of your restaurant.


Step 7 – Site Construction

Your Russell Contract Designer will be working on your behalf to create the required electrical and mechanical construction rough-in details for your engineers and site trades.  This provides them with crucial information about the equipment you have purchased.  We will also be on site as required to ensure installation of these services is done correctly so your project proceeds without delay. You have a deadline to meet and we will do everything in our power to ensure that commitment is met.


Step 8 – Installation

We will carefully monitor the site construction progress and work with your trades to determine the best time for our equipment to arrive on site for set up and connection.  No need to worry about freight damage or missing pieces.  We look after all these details and this remains our responsibility.


Step 9 – Start Up & Training

Once your equipment is installed and connected by your sub trades, we then schedule our own service department for a complete inspection and start up ensure your equipment is in top running order as per manufactures specifications.  Once your opening team is on site, we then organize a training session on any equipment they are not familiar with.  Even for experienced staff, this is the perfect time to introduce proper operation and maintenance procedures.


Step 10 – Open for Business

Your dream is now a reality and your focus is now on managing your successful business venture.  We have been there every step of the way and will continue to do so in the future.  Our factory trained technicians will help to ensure you obtain maximum value from your equipment investment during and after the new warranty period.  Our territory sales team will also remain in regular contact to help you maintain your small wares inventory as well as keep you informed of new items in the industry that can help improve your restaurant’s operation and profitability.

 You can depend on RUSSELL to be on time and on budget!