“These guys are always there for us.  When we have equipment problems they respond quickly and courteously. They come through when you need them. Their Sales Reps are always accommodating and will deliver if needed.”

Mr. Warren Erhart, President, White Spot Restaurants

Seventy Years of Reliability

On June 12, 1944, a Vancouver restaurant dealer opened its doors for the first time, to deliver a brand new Blakeslee potato peeler. Prompted by the labour it would save and consistency it would bring to his business, the owner of the Fish and Oyster Bar was delighted with his purchase. The sales representative who sold it to him was knowledgeable about the product, charged a fair price, and promised they would always be there to stand behind the products they sold.

More than seventy years later, Blakeslee is still in the business of manufacturing potato peelers, and we are still employing knowledgeable sales representatives, charging fair prices and serving customers with the promise: “If it’s Russell supplied, you can depend on it.”

Today, Russell Food Equipment is Canada’s national leader in food service equipment and supplies. With 14 branches coast to coast, we follow the same successful philosophy originally set by our Founder, Ken Russell; “To prosper as a business, we must always place our customers’ best interests first, focusing on quality products and superb after sales service to deliver the best overall value.”

The Circle of Knowledge

With more than a half century of experience specializing in the food equipment industry, Russell has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon. But what makes us unique is our breadth of understanding that comes from offering a full range of value-added services, including everything from table-top design and smallwares supply to complete facility planning and engineering.

We also employ Canada’s largest team of dedicated repair technicians, with immediate access to our substantial parts inventory. This gives us a unique perspective on what products are delivering truly good value over the long term. This ‘circle of knowledge’ is invaluable to restaurant operators who need to make important investment decisions for their food service operations.

Everything Under One Roof

All of our branches have complete, fully stocked showroom facilities where you can shop and compare to make the right choice. Our showrooms incorporate large equipment displays, overflowing bins of cooking utensils, and areas to design your perfect table-top setting with styles from the world’s leading manufacturers. In fact, it’s not unusual for us to equip an entire restaurant from our stock inventory of over 8,000 items.

If you require a specialized item that we do not carry, we can often find it within our library of suppliers and order for you to arrive well in advance of your restaurant opening. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you find the product you need and answer any questions you might have.

Standing Behind What We Sell

All metropolitan areas (and most rural ones) are assigned a specific Russell-trained sales representative who will visit on a regular basis, getting to know your business and assisting in maintaining your supply inventories. Their job is to ensure that you are fully satisfied with all your Russell purchases, and their on-going training helps them to keep you informed about the latest tools to help your business operate more efficiently and competitively.

When it’s time to add or replace a piece of equipment, your Russell Sales Representative can advise you on the latest advancements in equipment technology, and investigate the installation conditions that are unique to your operation. Our experience enables us to anticipate potential problems before they occur and ensure a smooth and successful installation. We can also assist in the initial training of your staff, to ensure you always get the most value from your investment.

Manufacturing the best… with Quest

Our associate company, Quest Metal Works, has specialized in custom fabricated fixtures and heavy duty cooking ranges since 1938. Over the years, the Quest product line has expanded to include an entire selection of cooking, serving, preparation and ventilation equipment. With direct industry input and the applied experience of our Russell service technicians, each model is designed to satisfy the restaurant industry’s leading chefs.

When it comes to custom fabrication, the best designs begin with a blank sheet of paper and the need for a solution. And no one has more experience with taking ideas from design to installation then the Quest engineers. Your assurance of value is the Quest reputation for high quality standards of fit and finish, providing a fixture that will be both functional and long lasting.

As we like to say, “The quest for the best ends at Quest.”